testimonials_On behalf of myself and Heartland Animal Rescue Team, I would like to share the wonderful experience we have had with Tim Crum this week. Tim arrived on Sunday evening and started doing interviews for the feasibility study, Monday morning. During the course of this week Tim has interviewed 30+ individuals. As executive director of HART, I have received very positive feed back from these individuals. They stated Tim was very professional and did a fantastic job of making them feel comfortable with the interview. I personally have had a very positive working relationship with Mr. Crum. If your organization is looking for a professional, caring person to help you move forward, you can not go wrong with Tim.”
- Donna Wambeke, Executive Director
Heartland Animal Rescue Team
Brainerd, MN

“Thanks for helping us raise over $70, 000 in just 45 days for our “Save the Sanctuary 700 Club”!”
- Elizabeth Rubin, Founder & President
Adopt A Rescue Pet
Las Vegas, NV

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tim Crum and the Animal Shelter Fundraising team on several projects including a Building Planning Study and Feasibility Study. The information gathered through these studies has been invaluable to the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society. I have been most impressed with Tim’s professionalism and integrity. He has represented our organization well when speaking with board members, donors and community leaders. I highly recommend Animal Shelter Fundraising and Tim Crum. Tim is the only consultant I know of whose background includes working in animal shelters and in fundraising. This unique combination is invaluable to those of us in the animal welfare industry.”
- Mary Beth Wegener, Executive Director
Olympic Peninsula Humane Society
Port Angeles, WA

“Tim, I am so happy with the job you did on our “Hope” video and campaign. It’s going to do very well for us. Thanks for your work on this.”
- Birgitte Skielvig, Executive Director
The Humane Society of Sedona
Sedona, AZ

“The Humane Society/SPCA of Sumter County has signed on to the Animal Shelter Fundraising direct mail program for a second-year year with great results demonstrated by our initial year’s results. It wonderfully exceeded the projections thus allowing us to meet the growing needs of our organization’s services. This past year was key as we celebrated our 30th anniversary. We wish we knew of Animal Shelter Fundraising years ago. We look forward to also conducting Animal Shelter Fundraising’s feasibility study as we work to construct Central Florida’s 1st GREEN Animal Shelter. Based on the results of the direct mail programs, we anticipate that will be sooner than later as well!”
- Claudia Labbe’, Chairperson
Humane Society/SPCA of Sumter County, Inc.
Lake Panasoffkee, FL

“The Humane Society of Sedona has used Tim Crum in a variety of ways. We have sent staff to classes, hired Tim as a consultant for Strategic Planning with our Board of Directors, and even hired Tim to emcee one of our fundraising events! We are grateful to Tim to have created a company that provides support, advocacy, consultation and training in such a personable and professional manner. Thank you Tim!”
-John Canon, Board President (on behalf of the entire board and organization)
Humane Society of Sedona
Sedona, AZ

“Tim, it has been an extraordinary journey thus far….your guidance and sage experience has led us on the first path that is positive, in my humble experience, with this organization. Too infrequently folks do not recognize credit toward those who make a difference; this is my personal thank you for all you have done. Beyond the fact that we hired Mary Beth (first best thing we did right but don’t tell her or she will want a raise or a cruise or something!), was to take her advice to retain you. We hope to enjoy your wisdom again in helping to build our board to pave the road to a success for Clallam County.
- Kandace Pierce, Board President
Olympic Peninsula Humane Sociesty,
Port Angeles, WA

“Friends for Animals Sanctuary (FFAS) is very happy to write this letter of referral of Animal Shelter Fundraising. FFAS contracted with Tim Crum and Animal Shelter Fundraising to develop a report that will serve as a road map to take FFAS to the next level, building a 20-acre shelter in Brevard, County, FL.   Tim Crum met with the Board of FFAS as well as with members of the community to develop a fundraising feasibility study that gave FFAS an in-depth and comprehensive look at the factors, realistic fundraising goals and recommendations that will give FFAS the best chance of successfully raising enough capital to fund construction of the new animal shelter and ability to attract community leadership and gain public support.   When we brought Tim Crum and his team at Animal Shelter Fundraising in to develop the report, our goals became theirs. Their extensive knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in the non-profit animal rescue world and the research concerning FFAS and the local demographics showed in the report they delivered to us. It is their dedication to provide us a guide to get to the next level is why FFAS would highly recommend them to any shelter, sanctuary or rescue organization that is planning to expand or fundraise.”

-Katherine Johnson, Founder & Board President

Friends for Animals Sanctuary

Melbourne, FL

“Tim Crum with Animal Shelter Fundraising has been accessible to us at Tupelo-Lee Humane Society from the get-go. Tim spent time with me on the phone explaining how the process of getting a new animal shelter works, and then he took more time to explain everything to the board in a conference call. He’s always a phone call or email away and the wide scope of Tim’s knowledge makes our board comfortable we’re headed in the right direction with the right guy at our side.”
- Stephanie Rebman
Building committee co-chair, TLHS
Tupelo, MS

“I have attended several seminars and presentations by Tim Crum and the experts at Animal Shelter Fundraising.  The information is comprehensive but easy to understand and they help you to believe that you really can do this!  They take the mystery out of fundraising.  We also have used Tim Crum to manage two direct mail campaigns and we are very pleased with the results.  Our returns have been quite positive with an average donation of $63.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with Animal Shelter Fundraising throughout the year, in order to reach our goal of building a rabbit-only shelter in our community.”

- Judith Pierce,  Adoptions Director / Co-Chapter Manager
San Diego House Rabbit Society,
San Diego CA

“I just wanted to say thank you again for all of your help. Your information and advise is invaluable. Thank you for coming out to do the site visit. We look forward to working with you all this year!”
- Kristen Stagg, Board President
Butte Humane Society
Chico, CA

[The following e-mail was sent from James Hallett to Mary Beth Wegener, executive director of the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society.  James Hallet met with Tim Crum as part of the fundraising feasibility study that Animal Shelter Fundraising conducted for the humane society and this is what Jim had to write:] “Thank you for the opportunity to meet with Tim. Both Joanne and I enjoyed our visit with him. Tim “knows his stuff”. He has an engaging and calm personality and represents the Humane Society in a most positive way.”
- James D. Hallett
Hallett Advisors
Port Angeles, WA

“Tim is a dedicated , capable and conscientious person who I have enjoyed working with. I have learned much from Tim, and admire his unique combination of professionalism and approachability.”
- Marlene Walsh, Executive Director
Pet Connections, Inc
Oshkosh, WI

“Tim has been a great business partner to work with and is very dedicated to his organization. Tim is also one of the most creative individuals I have ever worked with. He has developed multiple creative projects that have driven his organization as well as ours, many of which have become annualized programs.”
- Jeff Tomblin, Senior Accounts Manager
Mars Pet Care
Phoenix, AZ