Strategic Planning

strategic-planningA strategic plan is one of the most critical documents that can actually determine the success of your organization’s revenue and sustainability. The strategic fundraising plan serves as the guiding light for your organization’s fundraising efforts and is an important component of prudent financial planning.   Animal Shelter Fundraising, with input and participation from your organization’s key stakeholders, can develop a plan that:

  • Allows you to plan for your future
  • Ensures your organization’s stability and sustainability
  • Cultivates multiple fundraising revenue streams
  • Set goals, strategies and tactics
  • Identifies all sources and opportunity of fundraising revenue
  • Limits crisis fundraising
  • Assigns responsibility and accountability to specific individuals within the organization

As part of the planning process,  Animal Shelter Fundraising will also carefully examine all aspects of your fundraising efforts to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We can conduct our strategic fundraising planning at your site or offer our campus located near the scenic White Tank Mountain range just 20-miles northwest of downtown Phoenix.

To discuss your strategic planning needs and how we can help you develop a sustainable future, contact us by phone 623.975.1234, e-mail or complete and submit the form on our Contact Us page.